[clug] AMD64 Installation ISO images / media

Edward C. Lang edlang at tsumakin.net
Mon May 3 01:49:07 GMT 2004


Before I grab several gigabytes of ISO images, I thought I might check
to see if anyone has already got either ISO images, or CDs / DVDs for
installing on AMD64/x86-64 machines. I'd prefer Fedora RC1, RC2 test 3,
and whatever the freely available SUSE distribution is these days, in
that order. (I'd use gentoo, but I think bootstrapping the entire system
is something I'd rather not repeat, if possible... and I don't think
Debian have got their act together on x86_64 just yet.)

If you've got images, I can supply the media; if you've got the media, I
would only want to borrow them for a short time and can pay rent on them
in the form of beer or biscuits, etc.





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