[clug] Networking problem

Stephen Jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Sun May 2 00:54:04 GMT 2004

On Sun, 2 May 2004, Prometheus wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a problem with my home network. I have one gentoo box and a
> windows box, and I have been pinging each machine to make sure the
> network is ok. The windows box can ping the gentoo box, but the gentoo
> box can't ping the windows box.  I have added the ip address of the
> windows box to the /etc/hosts file of the gentoo box, but still getting
> no where. Any ideas?

Perhaps the windows box receives the ping and doesn't know how to route it
back. 'netstat -rn' will show you routes.  'ipconfig' will show

The linux box is probably OK - it receives & returns pings on the right
interace.  Check its routing though, do the pings really go out??
Easy troubleshooting - look at the 'activity' lights on your ethernet
switch or on the NIC's in the boxes.

There was another suggestion that there could a windows firewall.  Yep -
that's a very good suggestion.  Check the lights :-)


> ange

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