[clug] chkrootkit: LKM Trojan?

Jepri jepri at webone.com.au
Mon Mar 29 23:24:25 GMT 2004

Pearl Louis wrote:
> Hi

> Turn kontact off, chkrootkit is happy, turn kontact on, chkrootkit warns me of 
> the possible LKM Trojan.  Ditto with xmms and galeon.
> What on earth is going on?  Is this a bug with chkrootkit?  A quick google 
> search seems to suggest that chkrootkit gives false positives with the LKM 
> Trojan on some recent systems.  Is this the case here? 
> So any ideas guys?

google is your friend: http://linux.cvf.net/installing_chkrootkit.html

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