[clug] [OT] EMI "copy control" on Linux

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Mon Mar 29 12:34:42 GMT 2004

On 20 Feb 2004, at 21:16, Grant Baldwin wrote:

>     * At the same time it allows Australia considerable flexibility to
> implement the Agreement in a way that reflects the interests of our
> domestic interest groups and Australia's legal and regulatory
> environment."
> In other words: not a direct implementation of the fundamentally broken
> DMCA laws.

And now we have the Presidential candidates promising to be tougher on 
enforcing trade agreements with other countries. Just how flexible will 
these trade agreements be, do you think?

How soon until Australian music lovers get extradited to the USA for 
breaching their draconian copyright laws? At least New Zealand has had 
the sense to enshrine in law the right to do time- and space-shifting 
of works to which one has purchased a licence.  In Australia we leave 
it as an implicit privilege. I remember a poster to this list had a 
signature along the lines of, "a privilege not exercised becomes a 

Anyhow, I'll go back to my doombringers club to cheer up a little... 
after all, it'll never actually get as bad as it might :)

The Universal Rule of Project Planning:
  "Fail to plan? Plan to fail!"
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