[clug] Garage Clearing Giveaway

Sam Couter sam at couter.dropbear.id.au
Sat Mar 27 01:14:09 GMT 2004

I'm moving house in less than two weeks, which means I want to get rid
of as much stuff as I can so I don't have to load it in a truck and
unload it again. I hate throwing stuff away, so please come and take it
from me!

Bits for free:
14.4k ("High Speed"!) fax/data modem
5x EZ-3200P+ 10Mb PCI ethernet cards, still in original boxes
8-port UTP + BNC 10Mb ethernet hub
VESA multi-IO + HDD controller card
P100 CPU
Lots o' parallel and serial cards
Piles of 10Mb ISA ethernet cards
6x floppy drives
Lots of 30 and 72 pin SIMMs
IDE, serial and parallel motherboard header cables
486DX33 + motherboard, 8Mb (8 x 1Mb) 30 pin SIMMs
486DX4/100 + PCI motherboard, runs well at 120MHz
486DX2/66 + motherboard, 16Mb (4 x 4Mb) 30 pin SIMMs
ISA and PCI video cards

Systems for free:
MAC LC630 (25MHz 68030?), monitor, keyboard, UTP ethernet port
P90, 32Mb RAM, 200Mb HDD, SMC Ultra ISA ethernet. Instant firewall -
just add more network cards (which you can get from me for free too!)

For cheap:
DLink DSL-200 USB ADSL modem, still in original box. Looks like they
retail from $129, make me an offer. Unwanted as part of an ADSL package
when I already had an ethernet ADSL modem.
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