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Next time Canberra is gripped by fire, at least you'll have "off-site


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I have met several copy controlled CDs that cdparanoia could rip without
hesitation. For a nice GUI try grip.

Also don't forget to give backups to your friends to ensure that copy
controlled CDs aren't successful. <woops, public forum> I mean, don't do
that, it's morally equivalent to piracy on the high seas, with all the
raping and pillaging.

Have fun,

On Fri, 2004-03-26 at 13:27, Michael James wrote:
> Met my first Copy Controlled CD today,
>  Paul Kelly, "Ways and Means".
> Bunged it in the drive to rip it into ogg so I can listen to it while 
> programming. Hmmm, whierd sounds as the drive speeds up and slows down

> no progress being made, lets look at that case again. Damn, a "Copy 
> Controlled" logo. I've bought one of those  "shiny silver things with 
> music on" that aren't CDs.
> If you ever have the misfortune to meet one,
>  don't strain your geekpower,
>  a thin band of blue whiteboard marker,
>  just touching the outside edge of the tracks...
> mj

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