[clug] Squid authentication issue.

Andrew Smith andrew at coolchilli.com
Fri Mar 26 00:07:48 GMT 2004

Hi John,

I've been using smb_auth (http://www.hacom.nl/~richard/software/smb_auth.html) at customer sites for years.  Works like a champ,
except when the MS server's system drive fills up :)


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> I have a squid proxy server that is configured for authentication using
> ntlm, but it is having an imapact on my network performance. Every http
> packet seems be being checked and is being checked 2 or 3 times before
> being let through.
> Is there a way to minimise this over head or is there another
> authenticaion method that we can use that does not rely on a local
> passwd or auth file on the proxy server.
> Version is Squid 2.5STABLE4.
> I can supply a copy of my config file if need be.
>   John
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