[clug] Drinks, lies and videotape

Andrew Pollock andrew-clug at andrew.net.au
Wed Mar 24 23:54:24 GMT 2004

Hmm, almost worked :-)

I shall nip out at lunchtime and grab:

3 x 2 litre cokes
1 x 2 litre diet coke
2 x 2 litre lemonades
30-40 plastic cups

and put them in my fridge for tonight (unless I hear that someone else
is taking care of it).

I'll bring my video camera tonight, and if the tripod people want to bring
tripods, and the speaker's cool with it, and a quick show of hands shows
that the majority of people present are cool with it, I'll tape the
presentation and then have a crack at doing something intelligent with it.



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