[clug] Advice sought on open source UML and Project management software

Rick Molony rick.molony at alga.asn.au
Wed Mar 24 21:09:16 GMT 2004

Good morning,

We are currently have a project underway to write up core business
processes of local government in UML. We will only scratch the surface
with this project and we want to make it easy for other people to
edit/revise/reuse the UML diagrams that are developed as part of the
project. We are looking for an open source tool that will run on both
Linux and Windows that we can use for the UML work and that anyone else
can use to edit or modify our work.

Kevin Russel who works for the Department of Industry and Resources,
Western Australian Government is in the process of setting up an open
source centre in Perth. The Centre will showcase Linux servers and
desktop machines. Kevin has sent me some suggestions for UML tools but I
am hoping that people on the list who have used a UML tool can also send
us their recommendations.

Kevin suggested that we look at the following tools:

ArgoUML http://argouml.tigris.org  There is also a writeup at

Another one is Poseidon
http://www.gentleware.com/products/descriptions/ce.php4 only the
community version is free. 

There is a nice article about OSS UML tools - not very comprehensive but
has some useful info http://linuxgazette.net/issue67/gilliam.html

Boson looks good there are also other tools listed here:

Violet looks easy to use: http://horstmann.com/violet/ 

If you want to find out more about what Kevin is doing his email address

Kevin.Russell at doir.wa.gov.au

Project Management Software
We are also developing a toolkit for local government ICT staff to use
and want to include a component on the toolkit on project management. We
are going to adopt the approach developed by the Tasmanian Government
but I am keen to include some 'real' examples. As with our approach to
UML we are looking for a useful open source tool that works on both
Linux and Windows that we can use ourselves and then make our examples
accessible to anyone else who wants to use them. Any feedback or
suggestions would be great.


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