[clug] Braindead shell?

Simon Haddon simon at sibern.com.au
Wed Mar 24 08:22:15 GMT 2004

Antti.Roppola at brs.gov.au wrote:

>So I have a Perl script that works perfectly when run from my login, but it complains
>bitterly when run in cron where it can't find stuff like FlexLM and Oracle.
>Is there an easy means of (temporarily) nuking PATH, LD_LIBRARY_PATH, ORACLE_HOME
>and all the other assumed variables within an xterm? That is, easier than writing another script
>to un-set and re-set them?
If you know what they are then why not just set them at the start of 
your script.  The oracle one should be easy with oraenv.  Same with 

Also run the script from an account with no env variables to double check.

You could also run your .baashrc or .bash_profile at the start of your 
script.  Maybe not such a good idea.


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