[clug] [For Free] Gear

Michael James michael at james.st
Sun Mar 14 05:15:51 GMT 2004

Macase ATX desktop case new with cheap power supply
	(good quality but so big and beige it's never been used)

3 Sparc 2s  (still...  Kumar?)

6 SCSI disks up to 4 Gig

SCSI enclosures good quality including Sun SCSI 2 and 3

SCSI cables, terminators etc.

Apple AAUI 10BaseT transcievers (lots)

Sun keyboards and mice		no mats 8^(

Apple beige keyboards and mice.

paper trays for laserwriter 2

Mac 6200 (unknown condition)

Mac LC475 (25 Meg 68040)

It's all at:
	8 Brennan St
	Hackett, ACT 2602
	Ph 6247 2556 or 6278 0011

I'm not taking email bookings,
  if you ring me and say you are coming over for a particular piece of 
  I'll hold it, otherwise it goes to the first offer to cart it away.

There is some good stuff here, but I'm so happy with my new mac
  I'm getting rid of all beige mac and SCSI gear.


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