[clug] Broad list of advice requests

Ben ben at polkosity.cjb.net
Wed Mar 10 10:30:41 GMT 2004

Collins, Steve wrote:

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>Now that I'm feeling at least moderately comfortable using Linux, I have a few things I'd like to do.  I know I could find all this information out by looking hard enough, but all I'm looking for is a pointer in the right direction, so any advice will be greatly appreciated:
>1. Set up a dev/test web server on my home network (done).
>2. Configure bind so I can:
>- - have my internal network known as a name I choose (stephencollins.org)
>- - see my internal web servers (dev, test)
>- - see my external web host addresses (www.stephencollins.org, webmail.stephencollins.org, and the https address I use for web hosting config)
>- - see my POP server (same as external web host. I hid it from myself by mucking up my bind config and had three days' mail backed up until I turned named off)
>3. Configure external access to the Linux server via ssh.
>4. Configure external access to a file repository on the Linux server (my wife forgot to mail herself a critical document the other day - it was at home and she needed it at work).  Don't know whether this would be best as FTP or something else.
>The server is on my home network (as stated).  Everything on the network sits behind a NetGear RO318 Router/Switch.  The router has port forwarding, etc. available.  I know I would be better off behind a hand-built router, but I don't have the cash spare to grab an old crap box to build something like Smoothwall on (roll on tax time).
>I'd really appreciate some advice on where best to begin.
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Installing ssh is a breeze.  Just get the latest openssh (or your choice 
of sshd), compile and install it or use rpm deb etc.  Also open port 22 
on your firewall. The instructions should be in the source tar if you're 
not sure on compilation.  SSH will also provide you with the external 
access to file repository via scp.  Anyone who wanted to use it would 
need an ssh client at their end.  This should also be easy unless there 
are software installation restrictions at your wifes place of work.
Can't really offer much help in the way of bind, there is a dns / bind 
howto that would at least give you a basic idea of how to set it up.


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