[clug] Local SMP/HT machines that could be used for Software

gbj at theforce.com.au gbj at theforce.com.au
Wed Mar 10 03:03:37 GMT 2004


I have a dual PII 300 that you could have if it is usefull. It has SCSI on
board as well.  I will need to pick it up from Melbourne in the weekend.

Grahame Jordan

> Hi all.
> I'm wondering if anyone knows of a SMP or HT machine that could be used
> from time to time for work on developing and maintaining suspend-to-disk
> support for such machines. Prior to coming to Canberra, I worked full
> time on the suspend-to-disk project for a few months (swsusp.sf.net) and
> got the 2.4 version working on an SMP machine located in America (osdl).
> It shouldn't take much work to get it working on the 2.6 kernels, but I
> have three big hurdles at the moment: time, knowledge of x86 assembly
> and access to the hardware. Is anyone able to help with the last of
> these? I have people in America offering to loan me hardware, but there
> must be a simpler solution!
> Regards,
> Nigel
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