[clug] Local SMP/HT machines that could be used for Software Suspend development?

Nigel Cunningham ncunningham at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Mar 9 19:47:15 GMT 2004

Hi all.

I'm wondering if anyone knows of a SMP or HT machine that could be used
from time to time for work on developing and maintaining suspend-to-disk
support for such machines. Prior to coming to Canberra, I worked full
time on the suspend-to-disk project for a few months (swsusp.sf.net) and
got the 2.4 version working on an SMP machine located in America (osdl).
It shouldn't take much work to get it working on the 2.6 kernels, but I
have three big hurdles at the moment: time, knowledge of x86 assembly
and access to the hardware. Is anyone able to help with the last of
these? I have people in America offering to loan me hardware, but there
must be a simpler solution!


Nigel Cunningham
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