[clug] Iinet DNS issues.

Ian Matters ian at iristech.com.au
Tue Mar 9 01:14:40 GMT 2004

Yep me too.

I've contacted them on a few occasions and had to do the diagnostic
myself.  I'm starting to wonder what I'm paying for.  Firstly their user
support is quite poor - I've worked in the service industry for 40 years
and know bad service when I see it - and now I've got to do my own
diagnostics one iiNet's networking blunders!!  Humph!!

My specific problem is that their reverse DNS is broken and won't
resolve my IP address.  This in turn leads to other problem such as FTP
connections etc.

Ian Matters.
On Tue, 2004-03-09 at 11:34, Telek, John wrote:
> Iinet still haven't fixed their busted DNS server according to my
> testing.
> Anyone else still got troubles with this ?
>   John

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