[clug] ADSL Provider Questions (Wal Komar)

wkomar at codefish.net.au wkomar at codefish.net.au
Mon Mar 8 13:17:56 GMT 2004

Internode have a good FAQ on ADSL.  It outlines all the problems related
to Telstra... I think it's pretty much everything you need to know...




> Hello everyone. I've been snooping this list for quite some time now
> listening and thinking about making an appearance to the next LUG
> meeting.. Anyway, I wanted to ask everyone out there with ADSL, why and
> who there provider is. So if there's any advice or preference toward a
> certain provider please don't hesitate to inform me. A plan with 512/128
> 16Gig+ is desirable with shaping for over quota usage and if there
> anyone that utilizes 'Pipe' like networking for data such as Linux
> Distro's and other media. As I live in the Gungahlin area and they
> decided to finally add some MUX's to the Crace exchange I'm certainly
> getting ADSL. The question is who.
> There is much to learn with hardware/packages/providers and what better
> source than the educated minds of Linux users to ask.
> Thanks.

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