[clug] Disconnecting USB drives cleanly

Michael Still mikal at stillhq.com
Mon Mar 8 00:51:58 GMT 2004

Michael James wrote:
> When a usb drive is plugged in; a kernel driver grabs it
>  and presents it to the system as scsi device  /dev/sda1
> With the appropriate line in /etc/fstab
> /dev/sda1       /media/thumb    auto    rw,noauto,user,sync     0 0
>  any user can say "mount /media/thumb" and use it.
> Ejecting it with "umount /media/thumb"
>  should get it synced and safe to unplug.
> But back at the kernel level there is great consternation
>  about a scsi drive going missing.
> Fills /var/log/messages with alarming warnings.
> Any way to tell the driver to let go gracefully?
> Especially if it would put the flashing light out
>  so you could see when it was safe to unplug it.

Eject the drive as well using the "eject" command.



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