[clug] PCI 2.2 devices and a non-PCI 2.2 bus

Michael Still mikal at stillhq.com
Sat Mar 6 07:35:13 GMT 2004


so, I have a PCI 2.2 device (or at least the box says), and the random 
sacraficial machine I wanted to plug it into has an Intel 430TX PCI host 
bridge on board.

When I plug the card in, the machine refuses to power up. This makes me 
very sad.

Now, googling tells me that the Intel 430TX is a PCI 2.1 host bridge, 
which is I assume why it doesn't work. The machine is an Intel Pentium 
133 machine from a very long time ago.

So, after all that, my question. What is the oldest machine in my 
collection that I can reasonably expect to have a PCI 2.2 bus on the 
motherboard? Googling hasn't found anything which indicates to me what 
the first machines to ship with this version was.



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