[clug] device driver writing to serial port

caloykoy_one at pacific.net.ph caloykoy_one at pacific.net.ph
Thu Mar 4 12:36:19 GMT 2004

guys i'm really sorry if i only got to mail now. i'm caloy, the one
inquiring about device 
drivers for my project for the rv-m1 robot arm. 
may i ask how a device driver can write to the serial port? my device
driver needs to 
access/write data to the serial port, how would i go about that? 
i haven't had sufficient sleep lately, so apologies for this rather
straightforward mail or (if 
it reflected) a sort of mood that's not really good. sorry for that. 
thanks very much guys. i hope you guys could advice on this one. 
God bless you. 

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