[clug] ATI video out?

Neil Pickford neilp at goldweb.com.au
Thu Mar 4 08:46:16 GMT 2004

When he says to short out the s-video - the card is really looking for 
around a 75 ohm load (termination).  When it sees a load it then thinks 
something is connected to the video or S-VHS output

Shorting it is a bit brutal - as 75 ohms is not a standard E12 resistor 
value then 68 or 82 ohms will do.

Neil Pickford

Antti.Roppola at brs.gov.au wrote:

> Steven wrote:
>>Well, for my Mobility 7500 I have to make sure I do this:
>>1. Have the TV-out cable plugged in before starting the laptop. 
>>Alternatively bend a staple to form two prongs which are stuck in the 
>>left two holes of the svideo plug (it simulates a cable). Then you can 
>>swap it with the cable when you really need to.
> ...
>>If you do things like use APM or unplug the cable you may not be able to 
>>get back to TV. Even if you do the above you may not be able to switch 
>>to TV more than a few times. Hope it helps.
> Ah, so getting it to work *does* involve mystic rites.
> Yes, your info is a huge help that will save me numerous permutations. :o)
> Antti

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