[clug] Getting knoppix to boot

Antti.Roppola at brs.gov.au Antti.Roppola at brs.gov.au
Wed Mar 3 23:02:52 GMT 2004

I've had problems getting Knoppix ISOs to work and
have a large collection of coasters as a result.

The MD5's check OK, so my images are good. One must
presume it's either my writer or the blanks I am using.

My burner is a fairly old 4x SCSI burner, Panasonic I think.


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Has anyone had trouble with knoppix?
Enough to know some tricks when it doesn't boot?

I'm interested in BioKnoppix, and have the current version,
 (based on KNOPPIX_V3.3-2003-10-??)
 but after it recovers the memory from initrd,
 it can't mount root and panics.

So I tried KNOPPIX_V3.3-2004-02-16
Got the iso from mirror.aarnet, burned it and booted.

Worse, gives me the splash screen and "boot:" prompt.
Blank screens and kills the keyboard.

On "failsafe" it tries to uncompress the kernel
 and complains about the compression.

The hardware is fairly standard:
  Asus motherboard with P4 and SIS chipset,
 Cheap nvidia geforce graphics.

Does knoppix "simply work" for everybody?

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