[clug] Getting knoppix to boot

James McNeill j at jamesm.id.au
Wed Mar 3 22:20:50 GMT 2004

I've used knoppix on 100 mhz perntiums, 400 mhz celerons,  athlon 
1800+s, 2.4 ghz p4s, mac g4s and just about everything else in between.

and it just works. Almost every time. Only on machines with little 
memory you need to use the 'knoppix 2' boot paramiter to stop the GUI.

Only thing I would try is the C't eddition (Knoppix34-ct.iso) that 
apparently has a 2.6 kernel.


PS. Thanks again for the Sparc Michael, it's made a great Debian 
workstation :-)

Michael James wrote:
> Has anyone had trouble with knoppix?
> Enough to know some tricks when it doesn't boot?
> I'm interested in BioKnoppix, and have the current version,
>  (based on KNOPPIX_V3.3-2003-10-??)
>  but after it recovers the memory from initrd,
>  it can't mount root and panics.
> So I tried KNOPPIX_V3.3-2004-02-16
> Got the iso from mirror.aarnet, burned it and booted.
> Worse, gives me the splash screen and "boot:" prompt.
> Blank screens and kills the keyboard.
> On "failsafe" it tries to uncompress the kernel
>  and complains about the compression.
> The hardware is fairly standard:
>   Asus motherboard with P4 and SIS chipset,
>  Cheap nvidia geforce graphics.
> Does knoppix "simply work" for everybody?
> michaelj

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