[clug] Re: [oztivo] RE: bulk order. sort of [FOR SALE]

Wally wally at wic.net.au
Mon Mar 1 21:21:11 GMT 2004

I will have a parcel delivered to you from Amsterdam. With your name on it.
Do not open it.

I will contact you shortly after you arive in Australia.



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Stephen Jenkin wrote:
> I've been in touch with Peter Vogel in Sydney about this.
> He's already got one batch in and is NOT looking to do another.
> Said UK Tivo's at over 200 pounds each [A$500] weren't worth going for.

Ok, I'll throw a new option in the ring. I'm flying London-Sydney on 
March 26, getting to Canberra sometime during the following week. As I 
never check in luggage (trust me, if you can't carry it with you then 
you probably don't need it), I will have a ~20Kg luggage allowance 
coming with me.

As these are leaving the UK, the VAT (17.5%) can probably be refunded 
(I'll have to see if the name on the receipt has to be the same as the 
passenger, should be ok I think), and you only have to pay for "local" 

Basically, if anyone is interested then they should contact me off-list. 
I offer Jeremy Price as a character witness (only believe the nice 
stories, anything bad that occurred while he was enrolled at uni never 
happened because he was too drunk to remember it clearly), and Michael 
Still for an "alternate" point of view (just don't believe any stories 
*he* tells :).

I'm not offering to do anything more than carry boxes that arrive at my 
home, in London, to Sydney/Canberra, and apply for a VAT refund if it's 
available. I won't be handling much cash in this arrangement, but I'll 
offer minimum cost currency exchange (whatever the "offical" rate is on 
the day - no commission, no spread, just deposit $AUS in my "Which 
account) where necessary.

I recommend www.dabs.com as a reputable Internet retailer of gear in the 
UK. You /may/ find cheaper elsewhere, but these guys are reliable.


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