[clug] Re: [oztivo] RE: bulk order. sort of [FOR SALE]

Stephen Jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Mon Mar 1 07:30:39 GMT 2004

I've been in touch with Peter Vogel in Sydney about this.
He's already got one batch in and is NOT looking to do another.
Said UK Tivo's at over 200 pounds each [A$500] weren't worth going for.

I'll put together a purchase if people want, but I don't have Credit Card
facilities. [If someone can tell me how to organise that for a one-off
like this, I'd appreciate it.]  Price would be 'at cost', so will vary.

Peter's came to about A$125 each for BARE Tivo's.
The biggest gotcha is GST - things that arrive by _mail_ seem to be
exempt, things that are shipped have to go through Customs and that
attracts GST. [That's what 'Tristian' at ATO said]

There is no difference with GST if a Not-for-profit or a company does the
buying - the ATO sees it all as a 'buy-and-sell' transaction.

Peter Vogel write:
"offers pallet of 36 TiVos, can be shipped to Sydney for $925 plus $US70
ea. (36pcs*$70) + $925 = US$3445.00

Customs clearance GST and delivery to me was another $A1000.

Took about a week to get here."

[I will have to clarify the delivery method - 'about a week' sounds like
Air Freight, or 200-300kg for a pallet]

I have a company with an ABN that this can be put through to keep it at
arms length.

If there's someone with PHP or PERL access to a webserver that wants to
put up a webpage to collect names [Daniel on Codefish?] that'd be a


On Mon, 1 Mar 2004, Aaron Smith wrote:
> As I have grown inpatient and the OzTivo bulk order seems to have
> stalled (see below email) I had decided to go-it-solo and order a
> diskless Tivo from Eklectic Systems (www.eksys.com).
> >From emails with George at eksys.com I have found that he does following
> pricing for oztivo users:
> Diskless Tivo (Series 1, remote, IR blaster, etc.) US$90
> TurboNet card (with cables, etc.)                  US$70
> Shipping: USPS Global, Priority mail (5-7 days?)   US$85  
> Shipping: Economy Surface (3 months?)              US$40
> George says that he has found that by removing the feet (easy replaced)
> and stuffing the cables inside the tivo unit he can ship multiple Tivo's
> in the same box via USPS Global Priority mail. This should cost:
> Two Tivo's in same box                            US$137
> Three Tivo's in same box                          US$192
> Is there any interest in Plans B, C, or D or should I stick with Plan A?
> Aaron.
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