[clug] Re: [oztivo] RE: bulk order. sort of [FOR SALE]

Aaron Smith Aaron.Smith at Sun.COM
Mon Mar 1 05:59:01 GMT 2004

As I have grown inpatient and the OzTivo bulk order seems to have
stalled (see below email) I had decided to go-it-solo and order a
diskless Tivo from Eklectic Systems (www.eksys.com).

>From emails with George at eksys.com I have found that he does following
pricing for oztivo users:

Diskless Tivo (Series 1, remote, IR blaster, etc.) US$90
TurboNet card (with cables, etc.)                  US$70
Shipping: USPS Global, Priority mail (5-7 days?)   US$85  
Shipping: Economy Surface (3 months?)              US$40

George says that he has found that by removing the feet (easy replaced)
and stuffing the cables inside the tivo unit he can ship multiple Tivo's
in the same box via USPS Global Priority mail. This should cost:

Two Tivo's in same box                            US$137
Three Tivo's in same box                          US$192

I was initially planning to get a single tivo and turbonet card via
slow-boat. My new plan is to do one of the following:

A. Shun the CLUG Tivo interest and get one Tivo and card for myself via
cheap-arse mail [not the most social option but the easiest].

B. Partner with one or two CLUG-ers to share shipping cost in the
multiple Tivo, single box scheme [this does depend on whether the
tubonet cards will fit in the same box].

C. Liase with many CLUG-ers to allow several people to take advantage of
the multiple Tivo, single box scheme [scary co-ordinating but most
community minded option].

D. Start a pyramid scheme in which access to the sales channel (me) and
discount levels are based on number of other parties you get to purchase
or how many they in-turn get to purchase, etc.

Is there any interest in Plans B, C, or D or should I stick with Plan A?


On Thu, 2004-02-19 at 13:39, Charlie Franklin wrote:
> To: Australian TiVo Owners list <oztivo at minnie.tuhs.org>
> Subject: [oztivo] Bulk Buy deal is now OFF
> I was trying to put together a bulk buy deal through Power On, for a 
> number of TiVo's, but as they are not responding to e-mails I have sent 
> asking for confirmation of prices, I have decided to not proceed any 
> further with the deal.
> As many people have pointed out, with the way the prices are on e-Bay 
> it wouldn't have been much of a saving.
> So for those people still looking for a Tivo there are a few different 
> options available.
> Buy a TiVo from e-Bay
> Buy a TiVo from Power On, usually from their e-Bay adds
> Buy a TiVo from George at eksys.com
> You can also buy accessories like network cards etc from eksys.com or 
> 9th tee.
> Charlie
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On Thu, 2004-02-12 at 16:16, Michael Still wrote:
> On Thu, 12 Feb 2004, Jonathan Ricketson wrote:
> > I found out from Peter Vogel the following:
> > 
> >  > contacted "Jeremy White" <Jeremy at poweron.com> at Poweron.
> >  > The deal was US$70 per tivo plus US$925 shipping.  30 to 356 units 
> > per > shipment. Cost me another $A1000 for clearance, gst etc.
> > 
> > So assuming there are some other costs involved, and I am not sure what 
> > you pay gst on, possibly just the US sale price, then if we get 60 or so 
> > orders together, then we should be able to do it for less than $150.
> > 
> > Any thoughts?
> It seems clear to me that there isn't a lot of point in more than one 
> person persuing a bulk purchase from poweron, given that the shipping cost 
> pretty much seems to be a constant.
> I don't have time to arrange such an order, and there seem to be a couple 
> of people willing. I am however happy to advertise such an offer in 
> Canberra, and act as a money collection point.
> I guess that means that my thoughts are that someone needs to say they are 
> definitely doing it, and nominate a timeframe.
> Cheers,
> Mikal
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