[clug] Converting mailboxes to IMAP

Michael Manning michael at michaelmanning.org
Wed Jun 30 22:17:22 GMT 2004

mb2md - perl script
I have successfully used this tool many times - worth a try


On Wed, 2004-06-30 at 23:44, Burn Alting wrote:
> Hi Peoples,
> I've just upgraded one of my boxes running Redhat 9 to Fedora Core 2.
> One of the differences is that, rather than the simple pop3 mail system
> I served my family's Windoze boxes with, Fedora only provides pop3 via
> the Cyrus IMAP mail system.
> I've worked out how to create the mail accounts under Cyrus IMAP and
> feed the IMAP mailboxes via postfix, but my problem is that I have a few
> mailboxes in the old format living in /var/spool/mail.
> There must be a 'conversion' tool but I can't find any documentation for
> one. I can always re-forward the mail to my users (everyone else at home
> who only use Windoze to read their mail), but surely there must be a
> command like
> 	feed_the_imap_server < /var/spool/mail/jack
> 	rm /var/spool/mail/jack
> Can someone point me to the right tool?
> Thanks in advance
> Burn
Michael Manning
Red Hat Certified Engineer
email: michael at michaelmanning.org

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