[clug] to swap or not to swap that is the question -- different follow up Q.

Richard Reynolds Richard.Reynolds at usa.net
Tue Jun 29 16:36:25 GMT 2004

> Do you mean using RAM to pretend to be a disk to pretend to be RAM.
> Doesn't sound right to me, though I did see this mentioned in a thread
> on this on alt.os.linux long ago, and no-one shot the poster down in
> flames.

I know in the m$ world the swap space is compressable as windows feels like
compressing it (randomly probibly :D ) is the native linux swap space
compressed or compressable ??

if it is a ramdrive with swapspace might be a good thing.

things would still be in memory, but have a smaller footprint, in a reserved
space, until they are required.

richard reynolds
richard.reynolds at usa.net

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