[clug] St.George Browser Based Banking Feedback

David Collett david.collett at dart.net.au
Mon Jun 28 00:45:16 GMT 2004

Fellow Clugger Michael Cohen wrote a plug proxy which should be able to
do this, I know it can do SSL MitM. You can find it here:

I might have a play with that idea myself.

On Mon, 2004-06-28 at 10:32, Peter Barker wrote:
> On Sun, 27 Jun 2004, Chris Henman wrote:
> > Thank you for your email.
> >
> > Unfortunately, we do not support Linux/ Unix.
> >
> > The incompatibility of Linux/ Unix is an issue, which has been made
> > highest priority. We are currently working on a fix, so that we can
> ..
> This is the same canned-response which I got back last time this came
> on the list. I'm not even sure a human saw my message; they may just
> "linux" and send the canned response :)
> One thing which worries me here. Here St George are claiming that this
> their "highest priority". This either means that St George are
> bloody lying about their priorities, or that they are completely
> incompetent (6+ months to get something working where it was before?).
> Either way, if I were an investor in St George, I'd be worrying about
> their management for making false claims or not fulfilling customer
> expectations.
> I had a play with getting this working a while back. It isn't terribly
> difficult to get ahold of bbbSmall.jar. I tried playing with
> etc to get the applet running - and I did that, played around with the
> security model a bit etc etc... but then got tripped up with a
> error.
> What I might try to do next is MitM attack against myself. That is,
use an
> SSL proxy which substitutes JUST for the bbbSmall.jar URL. Does
> here know if I can use squid to do just that - or should I play around
> with my own proxy to do this?
> >      Chris Henman
> Yours,
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