[clug] SATA install anyone?

Michael Bennett mib at homemail.com.au
Sun Jun 27 23:53:52 GMT 2004

On 28/06/2004, at 7:01 AM, Graham Williams wrote:

> Received Sun 27 Jun 2004 10:55pm +1000 from Duncan Roe:
>> Hi
>> Has anyone managed to install on a SATA-only system?
> Yes. Latest Debian-Installer works just fine (kernel 2.4.22) for
> SATA-only systems. (At least it did for me.)
>> What is the /dev entry you give to fdisk?
> For kernel 2.4.22 it was /dev/hda1, and for 2.6.6 it was /dev/sda1.
It should either be /dev/hda or /dev/hde for the first SATA channel.
There should be a BIOS setting to select which drives appear first
(or at least there is on my box).

I haven't tried 2.6.6 with SATA. Is there anyway of having the drive
not appear as a SCSI device as it limits the use of hdparm.

Michael Bennett

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