[clug] [For Sale] Novell / IBM 1-day Linux Technical Workshop

Martin Pool mbp at sourcefrog.net
Sat Jun 26 23:12:43 GMT 2004

On 26 Jun 2004, Tomasz Ciolek <tmc at dreamcraft.com.au> wrote:
> Dear Sir,
> This message is in breach of the Australian Spam ACT 2003. Please
> refrain from sending commercial messages UNLESS they are in complaince
> with the Act and you do HAVE conscent of the list owners and members to
> send such messages.


As far as I am concerned, relevant advertisements such as this one are
welcome on this list, and within the rules previously agreed by the

If you feel this list is in breach of the Act, please let me know
*specifically* what the problem is and we will try to fix it.  At the

 - people are only subscribed by confirmed opt-in.

 - people may be removed either immediately and automatically or,
   if they cannot understand how to use the simple automatic system,
   by asking the maintainer.

 - we endeavor to prevent spam being passed through the list.
> Please make yourself familiar with the requirements for ALL commercial
> electronics messages in Australia.

It is a requirement of messages to this list that they be polite and
constructive.  Please fulfill it or leave.

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