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Subject: [Talk] MySQL AB is looking for people (development, support, ...)

Hi all,

(Feel free to copy this mail to your local LUG or elsewhere.)

If you're looking for a (new) job, MySQL AB is looking!
Primarily development, but also support.
Your location does NOT matter.

A nice story on how you can get yourself hired as a developer, from
MySQL AB's director of architecture Brian Aker:

MySQL AB is particularly looking at Australia and this region of the
world, since there are currently no MySQL developers from Australia and
that doesn't quite jive with the overal distribution and activity of
developers. There is plenty of talent here, right?

Ditto for support, we needs more people living in this timezone (to
better cover the Asia/Pacific region).

If you're interested or want more info, feel free to contact me.
I can put you in contact with the right person. Sending stuff to the
general jobs address risks getting lost in the pile ;-)

Wild gamble: we're actually also looking for a sales person in
Australia. I know, this is probably not the place. But perhaps you know
someone.... they will need a serious amount of experience. Again, you
can ask me for details.

Please note that these jobs are generally not advertised on the
mysql.com website. We tend to get way too much junk applications to be
able to spot the good ones. One that is advertised is for a developer
who has specific Novell NetWare expertise:

Arjen Lentz, Technical Writer, Trainer
Brisbane, QLD Australia
MySQL AB, www.mysql.com

Sydney 18 Oct 2004 (4.5 days): DBMS Introduction Training
Training,Support,Licenses,T-shirts @ https://order.mysql.com/?ref=marl

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