[clug] Fighting for control...

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Fri Jun 18 08:51:32 GMT 2004

Ladies, Gentlemen, and those still unsure;

Two questions:

Firstly, is anyone else getting spam in German these days?  I translated a 
bit of it through Babelfish and it reads even more like the ramblings of an 
incoherent loon than the normal efforts - something about his son being hit 
with a tennis racquet and he not being a right-wing extremist and paying 
his taxes.  Just another oddity...

Secondly, Windows 2000 has now won the fight over Fedora Core 2 for control 
of my work-and-games machine.  After it refused to install on the second 
drive, and I installed it on a spare partition on the first (which I 
luckily had handy), it has now marked its partition as active, the Linux 
Boot partition as inactive, and starts up just fine.  I haven't tried 
plugging the parameters for booting Linux into the Windows 2000 setup just 
yet; I wanted GRUB to do it.  The scenario is basically this:

/dev/hdc0 - 5MB - Linux - /boot
/dev/hdc1 - 20GB - Linux - /
/dev/hdc2 - 1GB - Linux Swap
/dev/hdc3 - 16GB - Windows 2000 - active.

I can boot up in rescue mode from the Fedora Core 2 CD and see the hard 
drive fine.  I tried setting partition 0 as active and partition 3 as not - 
it only says "Cannot Load Operating System".  I even tried overwriting the 
boot partition with a copy I fortuitously took before I took the step of 
installing Windows 2000 (knowing that it might start making my life more 
interesting than normal) - same thing.  I've tried re-running the FC2 
install process and 'upgrading' the install I have, which looked as if it 
should have worked - but it did nothing different from the above two attempts.

If worst comes to worst I'll install FC2 again, but does anyone have any 
useful insights to getting the two operating systems working and booting 
side by side happily?

Thanks in advance,


P.S. Those people still wanting Tech Support Spheres and still haven't 
collected them, I'll be bringing them along to the next meeting.

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