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Kim Holburn kim.holburn at anu.edu.au
Thu Jun 17 22:17:50 GMT 2004

I went to a lecture by him last year at UNSW and was very impressed.  
He is a very bright guy doing very interesting stuff.  His lecture was 
about a collaborative text editor that allowed many people to edit a 
document at the same time.  He talked a lot about a clever design for a 
file system that was self-compressing.

On 2004 Jun 17, , at 5:41 PM, Stephen Jenkin wrote:

> http://cm.bell-labs.com/who/rob/utah2000.pdf
> Have many of you seen this piece?
> Do you think any/all/some of it is still valid??

There used to be a lot of OS's and somehow after M$ they all somehow 
died away.  Very sad really and nothing to do with monopolistic 
practises by M$?

> Is it just sour grapes from someone who's pet project (Plan 9) didn't 
> do
> as well as they wanted.

As I understand it, it didn't do as well because of its weird 
restrictive licensing.  Plan 9 I have always thought was a very 
advanced OS and I wish modern OS's have some of its elements.

> For more on Rob Pike: http://cm.bell-labs.com/who/rob
> cheers
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