[clug] Re: OT: digital cameras / 'steadicam'

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Thu Jun 17 12:14:56 GMT 2004

On 14 Jun 2004, at 07:35, Ellis wrote:

> There was a /.  link several weeks/months ago to a simple, home-made
> steadycam.

A much more practical method is to use a "monopod" - basically a leg 
that connects the same way as a tripod, but it only has one leg, which 
is more or less fixed in place. When taking a photo, plant the leg on 
the ground, hold the camera steady in 2 dimensions instead of 3, and 
click away! The monopod provides one axis of stability, and removes the 
load on your hands - thus the shakiness is from fine motor rather than 
load carrying.

And it's a lot less bulky than a tripod with a bunch of lead weights 
attached ;)


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