[clug] Wireless network over belconnen

Benedict and Trisha Wyss btwyss at netspeed.com.au
Thu Jun 17 09:56:47 GMT 2004

DIY wireless, instructions included


These guys do a class at the uni where they create their own.

Hope this helps,


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Naturally u guys will be weblogging your progress ;)

I found this link useful


There is a stack of info at


as well


(who has a background in electronics too...)

On Thu, 2004-06-17 at 12:40, Ian Matters wrote:
> Hi Rohan.
> I am interested in looking into this further.  I have a good line of 
> sight to the south-east from Evatt.  I have past electronics experience 
> and related skills that may come in handy.  I have a small in-house 
> 802.11b/g network and some Debian experience too.

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