[clug] case-insensitive file system

Andrew Pollock andrew-clug at andrew.net.au
Wed Jun 16 03:10:24 GMT 2004

On Wed, Jun 16, 2004 at 11:36:11AM +1000, Kim Holburn wrote:
> On 2004 Jun 16, , at 11:17 AM, Edgecombe, Scott wrote:
> >Just do a dd to copy the CD as an image to the filesystem and then  
> >mount
> >the image as ISO 9660 into your filesystem. This will leave the CD in
> >its original state and you can then point your web server to the
> >mountpoint.
> ??? is this the same as making an iso image?

> >This is can be used to create CD jukeboxes on hard disks.
> >
> >See man dd for more info.
> Yeah one of those very informative man pages.  Although I am familiar  
> with dd.  Any hints on the options needed in this case?

If you don't want it to barf (and I don't think it hurts if it does barf)

isoinfo -d -i /dev/cdrom

Make a note of "Logical block size" (almost always 2048) and "Volume size"

dd if=/dev/cdrom bs=$LBS count=$VS of=/tmp/foo.iso

where $LBS is the logical block size and $VS is the volume size determined
by the isoinfo.



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