[clug] case-insensitive file system

Kim Holburn kim.holburn at anu.edu.au
Wed Jun 16 01:02:04 GMT 2004

On 2004 Jun 16, , at 10:44 AM, Michael Still wrote:

> Kim Holburn wrote:
>> For a particular use I need a case-insensitive file system.  Short of 
>> using samba and doing a remount, does anyone know of a way of doing 
>> this under linux.  Is there an ext2/3 option to do this?  is there an 
>> fs that can do this?
> I can't see an option for ext2 in the mount man page. If ext2 doesn't 
> do it, then ext3 wont either.
> This sounds like a fairly trivial userspace filesystem task, although 
> if you have serious performance requirements then that might not be 
> the right answer. Are case sensitive clients also going to be using 
> the filesystem, or just the case insensitive ones?

We have a number of CDs from conferences we want to look at on our 
intranet.  They seem to have been built using windows.  When we copy 
them onto a linux fs we get lots of broken links because of case issues 
and 8.3 vs. long filename issues.  Some of the broken links are inside 
pdfs.  It is definitely not simple to fix the links.

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