[clug] Bad echo when using gnome meeting

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Sun Jun 13 00:24:20 GMT 2004

On 5 Jun 2004, at 14:05, Michael Still wrote:

> Anyways, I get a really bad echo of my own voice when testing it. 
> Playing with the echo correction options doesn't seem to effect it...

Is is possible that the echo is due to an omnidirectional mike picking 
up your voice bouncing off the walls/ceiling/floor? If you can, find a 
unidirectional noise canceling mike such as the Platronics one that 
comes with Microsoft GameVoice. Physical (ie: mechanical) noise 
canceling is, IMHO, much more effective than electronic - but that's 
not the issue here. The key feature is "uni-directional", a great 
addition is "noise-canceling".

Have you also checked the obvious things like not having the sound card 
in full-duplex mode, muting the microphone in the output mixer, and 
using only the microphone as an input source?

> Does anyone have any hints about what I might be doing wrong?

... and make sure you're not trying to use GnomeMeeting from your 
wireless laptop while on the loo, since you're going to need some 
rather advanced signal processing software to cancel out *that* echo!

> Also, I seem to recall reading that H323 is evil to proxy... What is 
> the best way of getting destination NAT like functionality for H323 
> (should I be using a redirector out on the big bad internet?)?

For VoIP services, you need a gatekeeper. This is basically a proxy - 
it has to be visible from both the internal network and the Internet. 
An alternative to a gatekeeper is a conferencing server. Check out 
opengate, openh323gk or openmcu.

Alex Satrapa

"Everyone has 20/20 vision in hindsight" -- Old Proverb
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