[clug] ISP recommendation

Patrick Cole z at amused.net
Fri Jun 11 05:25:31 GMT 2004

Tue, Jun 08, 2004 at 07:25:54PM +1000, Dennis Gray wrote:

> I am looking for an ISP that will support Linux. Must offer ADSL and
> national dial-up (01 area code). Can someone suggest one.
> I am going to drop Pacific Internet, who will not support Linux

I recommend netspace.   I've had ADSL with them for 1.5 years and the
service quality and speed has always be excellent.  I started on a
512/128 for $99.95/mo with 3GB peak and 7GB off peak.  I'm now on a
1500/256 line for $149.95/mo with 40 GB peak 45 GB off peak.  They keep
improving the value of their products all the time to keep up with the
current industry standards.

Netspace also provide a free dialup account with every ADSL account.
You are able to use it for free as long as your ADSL modem is not
dialled in.  They also have a national data number (0198) and POPs in
all major capital cities.


Patrick Cole <z at amused.net>

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