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It's nothing to do with PHP.  Now that you have PHP running, you can do what
you want to do simply with Apache.  Just search apache.org there's some good
doco there.  I use virtual servers in apache  personally but I believe
there's a simpler way to do this.  I just can't remember what it is...


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I have configured PHP-4.3.7  with help of 
"Installing Apache, My-SQL, and PHP on Linux - Web Hosting Guide
Articles News Interviews Host Library.htm"
for this I have downloaded Apache 1.3.29,My-SQL 4.0.20 and PHP-4.3.7
from the open source and installed successfully,
after installation he has give small example to test weather out
installation is correct or not.
when i run that example test.php is working properly when i kept the
this file at /var/www/manuals/test.php
so this is actually root of HTTP browser.If create my file and in my own
directory with some other place it is giving error on the browser"
object not found".
can any one help how to create VIRTUAL DIRECTORY FOR PHP


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