[clug] Re: paralympic phishing

Daniel McNamara daniel at codefish.net.au
Tue Jun 1 00:47:37 GMT 2004

Since this is my area of intrest I've taken a quiz. Unsurprinsgly the
linked site uses the CHM exploit to install a troja onto vulnerable
Windows machines. A quick write up of what I have so far:




> Bill Clarke wrote, On 01/06/04 10:12:
>> i just received an interesting phishing scam.  see attached.
> well i just realised you probably cannot see the attached since clug
> strips attachments.  try
> <http://cap.anu.edu.au/~wpc/private/CLUG/The%20Australian%20Paralympic%20Committee%20(APC).eml>
> cheers,
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