[clug] Twiddling tzconfig

Michael Still mikal at stillhq.com
Thu Jul 29 07:49:14 GMT 2004


I've been changing the timezone on my laptop a lot recently, and I am 
starting to get the heebies with tzconfig on Debian. Specifically, I 
just asked it to change my timezone to Europe/Geneva, and it didn't know 
where that was. It has a very small, very specific list of timezones, 
and no mapping of what cities live in a given timezone.

Here's the complete list for Europe for example:

Amsterdam Andorra Athens Belfast Belgrade Berlin Bratislava Brussels
Bucharest Budapest Chisinau Copenhagen Dublin Gibraltar Helsinki 
Istanbul Kaliningrad Kiev Lisbon Ljubljana London Luxembourg Madrid 
Malta Minsk Monaco Moscow Nicosia Oslo Paris Prague Riga Rome Samara 
San_Marino Sarajevo Simferopol Skopje Sofia Stockholm Tallinn Tirane 
Tiraspol Uzhgorod Vaduz Vatican Vienna Vilnius Warsaw Zagreb Zaporozhye 

Is anyone aware of a package which will tell me what timezone a city is in?



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