[clug] is it me or transact?

Fred Donelly fdonelly at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 29 11:50:30 GMT 2004

I also am running Mythtv but only with a single DVB-T Nova-T,  got it 
all working except the remote.  I just use a wireless keyboard at the 

I have been running it for about 6months and found it to be pretty 
stable, until I did a recent upgrade and have had problems ever since. 
These are hardware related though I'm fairly sure as when I have a 
problem the system won't even boot without errors.   The problem seems 
to be temperature related, but the opposite of normal, it craps out in 
the cold. 

In regards to the grabber I use a modified version of the d1 grabber 
that was posted to the Mythtv list.  It grabs all the program details 
and is much better than the tv_grab_au 0.5 that I was using. 

I would strongly recommended anyone looking for a set top box have a 
look at DVB-T and Mythtv, when organizing the upgrade the whole family 
got upset that the system was out of commission.  Once you get it going 
there no going back to a standard TV/VCR combo.


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