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Nick dos Remedios nick at cambia.org
Wed Jul 28 01:48:44 GMT 2004

Another job advert (see below) that may be of interest to CLUG members. 
The job covers 2 projects: a web app in Java and a set of informatics 
tools to be eventually released under a OS license.

We currently have a team of (2 f/t + 1 p/t) programmers (mostly Perl & 
C coding on Debian & Suse Linux) and the job will initially involve 
developing a new web app in Java (BioForge) - so there will be a fair 
bit of mentoring (Java) required as well, as the rest of us get up to 
speed in Java.

The second project is a set of tools to assist in the searching and 
interpretation of patent text (life science domain) and it is expected 
that these "informatics" tools will be released as open source.

Nick dos Remedios
CAMBIA Intellectual Property Resource
<mailto:nick at cambia.org>

Software Developer/Architect

The BIOS Initiative is a new international activity of CAMBIA 
(www.cambia.org), supported by the Rockefeller Foundation, IBM and 
others. It aims to forge a protected commons in which a cooperative, 
decentralised public good based approach to innovation in the life 
sciences can flourish. BIOS draws inspiration from similar endeavours 
in the Open Source IT community, but will adapt these concepts to 
stimulate progress in diverse fields including sustainable agriculture, 
nutrition, public health and environment.

The BIOS Initiative will develop informatics tools to overcome complex 
intellectual property challenges, to restore transparency and to 
facilitate collaborative biological innovation.  BIOS will build on the 
extensive work of the CAMBIA IP team (www.cambiaip.org), who have 
developed a free online Intellectual Property resource comprising 
technology landscapes, tutorials and a world class full-text searchable 
patent database holding more than 1,500,000 patents. The BIOS 
Initiative, through its new activity BioForge, will also develop new 
tools and resources required to galvanise an international, interactive 
on-line community of researchers and collaborative biological research 

To achieve our goals we need to expand our multidisciplinary team with 
an experienced software developer/architect. To be successful you must 
have proven experience in the following:

* 7+ years software development experience

* 5+ years Java experience

* Unix/Linux experience

* Experience with at least one of Perl, C or C++

* Web application development

* XML and XSLT

The following are desirable:

* Substantial involvement in an Open Source software project

* Experience in one or more of the following: expert systems, knowledge 
management systems, text retrieval, data/text mining, natural language 
processing or artificial intelligence

* Knowledge of and experience with the life sciences and/or 
intellectual property

Applications to Liz Deaves: e.deaves at cambia.org

Enquiries to Doug Ashton: d.ashton at cambia.org, ph (02) 6246 4500

CLOSING DATE: Friday 30 July 2004

Reply Email: e.deaves at cambia.org

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