[clug] Contract Position with Defence Available!!!

Simon Haddon simon at sibern.com.au
Wed Jul 14 14:35:25 GMT 2004

I think that all these replies to the original email are a bad  mark on 
our mailing list.  We use to have a (implied) policy of just ignoring 
emails that we didn't like resulting in just the 1 email.  Those people 
that were interested could read it and the rest of us just delete it.  
The original e mailer would end up just going away as their effort were 
in vain.

Now I find that we are taking to consuming everyone's email box with 
crap about the original email.  Far worse.  Irrelevant of whether the 
job advert was badly placed on this list there was no need to all the 
flaming that came after. 

It took  me longer to deal with all the flames which gave me more "spam" 
(if you classify the original email as spam) than the original.  
Sheeze.  Are we turning into a bunch of  lawyers?


Sam Couter wrote:

>ben.westgarth at facs.gov.au <ben.westgarth at facs.gov.au> wrote:
>>[ ... ] I know that if I was looking for work right now [ ... ]
>I would hope you'd be able to find the job advertisements posted by any
>employment agency without them being sent to this list.
>I don't want every available Linux position advertised on this list by
>every pimp in Canberra, even when I'm desperate for work. *I* know how to
>find those advertisements myself, thanks very much. Anyone with half a
>clue can also find them with minimal effort.

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