[clug] Contract Position with Defence Available!!!

Peter Lavender plaven at bigpond.net.au
Tue Jul 13 12:18:23 GMT 2004

Peter Barker wrote:

>On Tue, 13 Jul 2004, Kim Holburn wrote:
>>>It is a requirement of your job to THOROUGHLY piss off an entire
>>You're speaking for me without asking me what I think?
>Oh no, I was only talking about the list, not the /members/ of the list.
>You can find the list's current emotional state at
>Perhaps I should have said, "almost an entire", or "an entire mailing list
>(except for those members who enjoy receiving unmarked commercial
>messages)", but I decided that since this was an easy-going and relaxed
>list I'd forgo dotting every i and crossing each t.

While I might think the language a little harsh, I can also agree with 
the sentiment.

>>From the previous few months I believe the vast majority of the list don't
>mind RELEVANT and TARGETTED commercial postings to the list so long as
>they are clearly marked as such. I may be wrong in that assumption.

I think a non commercial list is more than suitable, I have to live with 
them (constant commercials) on a daily basis, why polute what is 
generally an interesting mailing list, flames aside.  :)

For those who wish to be notified of such positions they can subscribe 
to the many job listing sites and have emails sent directly to their 
nominated email address. 

Then they will see just how many pimps have cut and paste the job 
advertising from the many govt mailing lists that distribute tender and 
job positions, as I do on a nightly basis.. always nice to see what's 
going on around town.

You will find that the Job refered to in the original and blatant 
commercial advertising ( which I thought was solved with the [FOR SALE] 
in the subject) is one of a few (can't remember the exact number) that 
are coming up at DCB, as they migrate to Linux (think Novell, the 
holdouts :)  ).

Personally, I would prefer only obsure opportunities be advertised, or 
small organisations that need a hand with some linux or BSD setup be 
allowed to ask for help (on a paid basis or not), but in this case, I 
would think this is hawking more than not, since this information is 
freely available on any number of previously mentioned jobs sites.  I 
think while I give the original poster credit for thinking outside the 
square, it potentially comes at the risk of opening the flood gates to 
the many other pimping companies out there whose only concern is their 
hourly rate for very little output apart from the inital grooming and 
ego boosting.

Hmmm wonder how that looks for on going employment in this town? 


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