[clug] postgres

Adrian Blake A.Blake at physics.usyd.edu.au
Tue Jul 13 09:21:23 GMT 2004

Is there anyone who is a postgres wizard, wizardy is what I need.

My computer failed without a recent dump of the postgres databases.

I have recovered all the files in the /var/lib/pgsql  directory.

The computer is working again, same linux version, Mandrake 9.0, same 
postgres version 7.2 etc.

psql -l reports only:

         List of databases
    Name    |  Owner   | Encoding
  template0 | postgres | SQL_ASCII
(1 row)

 From what I understand template0 is a database of the databases that 

Some guidance on recovery would be appreciated.

Adrian Blake
Molonglo Radio Observatory
University of Sydney
1152 Hoskinstown Rd
Bungendore 2621
ph 02 62382262  mobile 0407 232 978


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