[clug] hello all

Ramana Kumar ramana.kumar at gmail.com
Mon Jul 12 12:55:01 GMT 2004

hi clug
firstly - am i on the right list ? i wanted to join the canberra linux
users group list
and i wanted to do it so i might have some way of sharing and solving
linux problems, as a resort beyond googling my weekends away...

if so,
again, hi, how is everyone ? :)

i'm writing just a general plea for now - i recently purchased a brand
new computer with no operating system on it, and loaded up debian with
the sarge net installer... i've messed around a bit (i had to install
it three times actually, and have already compiled my own kernel a few
but things still evading me are: using my wireless network card (wg311 v2)
using my sound card (soundblaster audigy ls - and i would like to use alsa)
using my printer (haven't tried yet though - so don't worry :))
and getting some more and better fonts for kde, or improving the font
rendering... (this also isn't very urgent... i'm getting used to
reading blurry fonts now..)
(in the future i'd also like to set up openoffice (shoud be easy),
wine, rosegarden/lilypond - anyone have experience ? and then maybe
even amd64 arch then the hurd!)

so, if anyone would like to take me on i would be very happy :)

i know that's not likely, so, if anyone knows either how to help set
up my soundcard (audigy ls) or wireless card (wg311 v2, uses acx111
chip), or knows it's been dealt with already in earlier posts, please
reply or possibly just redirect me...

finally, i should mention i'm using an amd64 processor, so if anyone
is interested in debian and amd64 and would like to keep in touch so
one day we can try installing for our native architecture, please let
me know :)

thanks all,
ramana kumar
ps: if i'm way off in the tone and nature of this list, please forgive
me, and just a simple reply will do and i'll be gone... (though
possibly stranded...)

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