[clug] Cross Platform PDA

Daniel McNamara daniel at codefish.net.au
Thu Jul 8 06:36:25 GMT 2004

I have a Zaurus SL-5500 a relatively outdate model (now 2 years old), but
it's still the most handy PDA if ever owned.

Has both CF and SD slots (mines fitted with 512mb SD card and a CF
wireless card). It works extrely well and although it only ships with
Windows software the sycning software is available for Linux from
Trolltech (free). I believe it can work with Evolution (haven't tried

A few minior issues though:

a) Very hard to get in Australia. You will most likely need to buy from
overseas now.

b) Forget getting any spare parts help out Sharp Australia for it. I
managed to snap the stylus (no mean feat as it's almost solid metal) and
contact with Sharp Australia involved a lot of "You have a what? Do we
even sell those?"

Eventually I found it was just easier to purchase from Sharp direct in
Japan (can be fun).

Tons of sofware for it. At one point I had apache, perl, php and mysql
running on it. Mainly because I could but it's pretty neat. Also lots of
developer tools should you feel the need to compile your own stuff for it.


> Nigel Cunningham wrote:
>> I'm using a Zire 21 with Evolution/JPilot. It works well under Linux. I
>> only run Windows under Linux (Win4Lin), so can't say anything about
>> cross-platform compatibility.
> I wouldn't mind a Zaurus, but haven't been able to find one in Australia
> which is relatively recent. Specifically, I want (keep your laughter to
> a dull roar):
>   - Something which can run .NET (mono is fine)
>   - A CF slot
>   - Bluetooth
>   - Preferably not wifi unless it's cheap
> Mikal
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