[clug] network card problems

eckles3 at bigpond.com eckles3 at bigpond.com
Tue Jul 6 18:28:04 GMT 2004

Dennis M Gray wrote:

> I'm running a box with RH7.1 and required another NIC,
> which I purchased from Dick Smith. I couldn't find
> support for it in my kernel, although there is a file
> 8139too.o. I tried modprobe and got a number of error
> messages so decided to just compile from Donald
> Becker's source.

The problem is that the 8139c card doesn't like Linux.
I recently bought two cards, thinking they were the same, but one was an  
8139b and the other an 8139c. The first one just worked, the second would  
not.So I swapped it for an older card, problem solved.


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